Planning and precautions for RV trips this year

As pandemic restrictions continue to affect our travel plans, we’re sharing some helpful planning tips and precautions to take on your next RV trip.

Precautions to take

Stay informed 

The biggest unknown when planning anything this year, is what the current state of travel will be in your area by the time you reach your vacation dates. Stay informed about current restrictions or advisories and be prepared to modify plans.

Pack ahead 

Rather than stopping in local grocery stores when you reach your destination, limit your contact outside your community by shopping for and packing all the supplies you’ll need before you leave home.

Be self-contained 

A big benefit of RV travel during a pandemic is the ability to be self-contained. Using your own bathroom and kitchen on the road and once you reach your destination eliminates unnecessary contact.

Ask about current health policies at the campground 

When choosing a campground, check that you’re comfortable with the health and safety protocols in place, such as social distancing, contactless check in, or limited guests in common areas.

Planning Suggestions

Consider the community 

Not all communities welcome travelers, regardless of current provincial travel advisories, so be sure to check whether or not your destination is welcoming tourists.

Check cancellation policies 

With the ever changing guidelines and regional travel policies, look for campgrounds offering reasonable or free cancelations.  

Know what amenities are open 

You may find that the campground you plan to visit will not be offering their usual amenities during the pandemic. Bathrooms, showers, and other services may to be open, so call ahead to find out what will be available. 

Find local gems 

Many of us are lucky enough to have great camping spots within our own region, so to avoid being stopped by travel restrictions, consider planning a local getaway.

Have backup plans & be flexible

Having a number of options, from local gems, to destinations within your province and neighbouring provinces, gives you the ability to choose a trip plan based on current public health guidelines.