Tips for Virtual RV Shopping

When shopping online for an RV, the endless options can be overwhelming. To help you focus your search and make the best choice, we’re sharing our tips for virtual RV shopping.  

Find a reputable dealership   

First of all, be sure you are dealing with a reputable dealership. RV Care dealers all meet a rigorous set of standards, which include operating a full-service maintenance and repair shop, maintaining a fully stocked parts and accessories department and employing certified service technicians. Buying from an RV Care dealership also means that you’re connected with an entire network of friendly, customer-focused RV dealerships across the country.

Narrow down the options 

Narrow down your search fields by sticking within your budget, selecting how many people it needs to sleep, and the type of RV you are looking for (travel trailer, fifth wheel, class A, etc., take our quiz if you’re unsure). 

Know your tow rating 

If you’re purchasing a travel trailer, don’t start browsing until you’ve narrowed down your options to ones that fit within your tow vehicle’s tow rating. 

Brainstorm a list of your needs 

Before you get swept away with all of the options out there, make a list of both your needs and ‘nice-to-haves,’ so you can find a unit that checks the most boxes on your wish list.   

Have a conversation

Once you’ve had a good browse, whether by online chat or over the phone, reach out to the dealership to discuss what your needs are, and which units have caught your eye so far. They’ll be able to give additional insight, confirm what may or may not work for you, and help you focus in on the best options.  

Request a video walk-through 

Detailed listing photos are great, but requesting a video walk-through of the unit with give an even better sense of the flow and space.  

Ready to start online RV shopping? Find the website of your local RV Care Dealership.